The Ever-Expanding News on Inflation!

Inflation: Transitory? Or Just Getting Started?

Discussion of the forces in play which will decide the fate of the U.S. dollar...will it continue as the world's reserve currency? Or will it be inflated into oblivion?

Inflation in the United States

An entertaining history of inflationary periods in the United States, following a succinct statement of its cause and symptoms.

Citing high gas prices, Biden asks FTC to redouble probe of possible 'illegal conduct'

President Biden alleges possible illegal conduct in determining retail gas prices in an attempt to pin responsibility for gas price inflation on oil companies.

U.S. consumer prices jump 6.2% in October, the biggest inflation surge in more than 30 years

The 6.2% increase in the CPI was the highest in 30 years. Discussion of three views on what is ahead for the markets follow.

Chinese Factory-Gate Prices see Record Rise

Year-over-year PPI prices increased by 10.7% in September.

Silicon's 300% Surge Throws Another Price Shock at the World

A reduction in the production of silicon in China is affecting the price of the metal used in everything from computer chips to concrete.

Does another decade of inflation loom ahead?

The authors compare monetary policy today with that under Richard Nixon fifty years ago in search of an answer to the titular question.

The Greatest Rip-off of All Time

A scathing analysis of the government rush to push through deficit spending at any cost.

European Union Inflation Rate

According to Eurostat, the Inflation Rate in the European Union increased to 2.50 percent in July from 2.20 percent in June of 2021. Graphs display historical inflation rates.

Inflation soars again in June, PCE shows, as shortages plague the U.S. economy

Both the PCE Index (Personal Consumption Expenditures Index) and the CPI (Consumer Price Index)ran hot in July. Here is an analysis of the causes and breakdown of the sectors showing the most inflationary pressure.

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